How Does a Blog Help Your Business? (The Meta Answer.)

Right now, you’re reading a post on our website, where we offer blogging services.

Because of that, there’s a higher chance that you might become one of our customers. (The chances are at least much higher than they would be if you weren’t reading this!)

In short, that’s exactly how a blog helps your business–and why you should consider hiring us to put that magical marketing power in your hands.

But here are 3 very important ways that a blog can help your business (and why a blog is worth some serious cash).

1. Building trust with your prospects requires a bounty of information.

Consumers today don’t just buy a product because a catchy jingle on the radio told them to.

They do a ton of research. In fact, 81% of shoppers do research online before making a purchase. If you’re selling a high-end product or service, the time it takes to build trust can take much longer.

That’s why a blog is so useful: you create a space where customers can spend plenty of time getting to know you and your brand, and that drastically increases your chances of landing the sale.

2. There are thousands of businesses just like yours, offering very similar products and services.

You need some way of distinguishing yourself in the customer’s mind.

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to invent an entirely new product. Instead, just by offering useful blog content, you make a unique connection with your website’s visitors.

You’re not just another face in the crowd–suddenly, you’re a living entity they can actually interact with.

And that makes people more willing to buy from you over anyone else.

3. Compared to ads, blogs run constantly and without additional costs.

For $20 in online ads, you might get about 10 people to show up to your website.

On the other hand, a $20 SEO blog post written by college-educated professionals can drive new visitors to your website forever. (As part of a test, we posted just two blog posts last December, generating 150 visitors and 6 new clients.)

Blogging has been the most cost-effective method of advertising for our business yet. In fact, we don’t even use ads anymore. Blog posts and press releases alone have generated all the business we can handle.

Want that kind of automatic traffic for your business? See how we can turn your website into a customer-creating engine.


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