Surprising Simplicity: The Ultimate SEO Tool

When people scour the internet for the ultimate SEO tool, they no doubt expect to find long-winded guides and expensive software.

Although software can be an amazing tool that reduces your workload and improves your internet presence, the reality is that the best methods for SEO still rely on human effort.

Good SEO isn’t just about tricking a search engine; it’s about drawing in human customers.

With the powerful combination of an SEO press release and plenty of blog posts, you create a variety of links to your products and services, using content that people will actually want to read and share.

Plus, those press releases can generate stories in trusted publications, creating even more traffic and improving your SEO.

That’s because search engines prefer websites with links from multiple different sources. While you can improve SEO by changing your website, the ultimate SEO tool is the combination of content and links–with real, human readers who enjoy your content.

Don’t put the search engine before the customer.


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