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Your business could easily turn into a Two Potatoes success story.

  • We put a brand new app in the hands of over 100,000 users in just a few short months. (That’s over $200 in daily ad revenue.)
  • We placed a new supplement in the #1 spot on Google next to Amazon (and it only cost our client about $450).
  • And we generated an audience of 500,000 people with just one press release in just 4 days.

You cannot survive in business without a lot of attention. Paying for advertisements can be effective, but that requires constant payments.

With Two Potatoes PR, you pay us once… and you get SEO and free distribution that will generate new traffic and readers for months to come.

You get thousands or even millions of people reading about your business, from a trusted source, telling them all the details they need to know, resulting in more sales.

Stop Running on the Business Treadmill

You’re doing all the work, but you probably aren’t reaping the rewards you deserve.

You created your business from scratch, you invested your time and money, and you’ve probably even paid for ads — without getting the kinds of sales you expected.

Even if you’re getting a good flow of customers, you know that you need more. But spending more money on advertisements usually doesn’t produce the kind of powerful results you need.

Just one press release can put your business in front of millions — finding you customers from all over the world.

When you buy ads, you don’t get that kind of potential… especially not for less than $1,000.

So you know that press releases are powerful tools, but how powerful is a Two Potatoes press release?

Get an SEO Press Release with FREE Distribution Now

At Two Potatoes, we combine the skills of a copywriter and a newspaper editor to deliver some of the most powerful and proven press releases in the world.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Our newspaper editor (who reads hundreds of press releases every week) will come up with a surefire strategy. He watches 99% of the press releases in his office end up in the trash, and he knows exactly how to get your story to the top of every writer’s list.
  • Then, the copywriter (that’s me) will refine the details and make sure that your press release does double-duty… working not only as a story-generating tool, but a powerful marketing machine that pulls in customers automatically.

It’s a simple partnership, but it has created unbelievable results. We’ve collected hundreds of trade secrets over the years, including:

  • The Push-and-Pull technique that engages your readers and excites them about your business… convincing them to buy your products as soon as physically possible.
  • The very same copywriting tricks that have generated over $1,000 per day… sometimes even $1,200,000 per month… and you get that power in your hands for just $450.
  • “Good Cop, Bad Cop”: We all have the desire to get what we want, and avoid what we don’t. That’s the magic of the “Good Cop, Bad Cop” dichotomy, and we use that same psychological trick to motivate your customers.
  • We maintain personal relationships with the writers and editors of major newspapers. Unlike mass-distribution services (that blindly throw your press release into a crowd of uninterested people), we speak directly with the people who turn your press release into real media coverage.
  • Blogs, magazines, websites, and newspapers… too many people ignore the little guy, but just 2 “small blogs” brought over 50,000 viewers to one of our clients. (Some times, it pays to sweat the small stuff.)
  • Plus… in this modern world of emails and text, we actually pick up the phone and have real conversations with people, making sure they fully understand your business and convincing them to review your products or sing your praises.

This is only a glimpse into our process — we can’t give away everything! But what you really need to know is that our work is statistically proven.

99% of press releases end up in the trash,
but 20% of the emails we send out become stories.

99% failure is a harsh reality for most press releases. That’s probably why most press release writers won’t guarantee your success.

But we take the time to personalize your message, and we reach out to writers and editors directly. We’ve enjoyed a 15-20% response rate with some of our press releases… unlike the majority of press releases that just waste money.

When you hire us to create your press release, you’re also getting guaranteed SEO and free distribution.

How much is that distribution worth?

You Save up to $400 on Distribution

Distribution services cost anywhere from $100 to $400, and they don’t come with the guarantee that your press release will actually be effective because they didn’t write it.

To us, that kind of money should come with a promise. It should come with results.

Instead, they throw your press release on a database with millions of other businesses, and you basically just cross your fingers and wait for someone to notice.

But as you already know, we personalize our press releases.

We send emails directly to the writers and editors on our private contact list.

It’s an incredibly simple strategy that has paid off big-time. Those writers and editors trust us to deliver meaningful, important press releases.

So when we send them a new email… they open it up!

Testimonials from Real Clients

Great writer, our press release is awesome! Thanks.

Benoit Tessier

“Their consumer-targeted press release was the #1 search result on Google (next to Amazon) thanks to careful SEO.”

“Our release had a 3.101% conversion rate. It made a big difference in our affiliate commissions, so we consider our investment in their work a good one.”

Isiah Pohlert
Performance Marketing Expert
Indomex Consulting

“Delivered the press release within a few hours. Great communication and a talented writer. I thoroughly recommend.

Christopher McKay
Founder, Affirmation Alarm

100% Money-Back Guarantee

When we say “guaranteed,” we really mean it.

If your press release doesn’t spread across the internet, if our SEO doesn’t generate traffic, if you don’t enjoy seeing your business show up on hundreds of websites… we’ll issue a full refund.

We know that the money you spend on your campaign is truly an investment, and you deserve to get the return that you expect.

Our clients love the attention our press releases bring them, and so will you.

A Great Price on Writing, SEO, and Distribution.

When you get your press release from Two Potatoes PR, you get free distribution — saving you up to $400.

You also get guaranteed SEO, driving new traffic from the web to your business.

We also contact writers and editors directly, with personalized messages that grab their attention. (That’s how 20% of our press releases were turned into stories.)

Plus, our price is a flat fee. Even if your business ends up with 100,000 new customers (like that app I mentioned) or you get the #1 spot in Google, our price doesn’t change.

We even offer unlimited revisions, so if there’s anything you aren’t 100% satisfied with, we’ll be happy to change it!

You get all of this — a powerful press release, our personal contact list, and savings of up to $400 on distribution services — for just $450 per press release.

How Does It Compare to Advertising?

For $450 in online ads, you might be able to reach about 100,000 people.

But here’s the problem:

  1. You’re only getting 100,000 impressions — brief glances that at small advertisements that might turn into clicks… as opposed to a full-page story in multiple publications.
  2. If you want more results with an advertisement, you have to pay more money, but our flat fee will never change, whether you get 1,000 new customers or 1,000,000.
  3. Worst of all, most consumers don’t trust advertisements anymore (and for good reason). But an unbiased review or a news story about your business is objective, and customers have faith in the publications they read.
  4. Plus… you have to manage those ads. You have to test them constantly, and just creating the ads can be a waste of time. But getting a press release from Two Potatoes is easy and convenient — we do all the work for you.

Is advertising a bad thing? Of course not!

But if you’re looking for the best deal on exposure, a PR agency like Two Potatoes is a better option. We can put your business in multiple publications, generating stories and customers all at once.

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You could be putting your business in front of thousands or even millions of customers, and we make it incredibly easy. And at just $450 with guaranteed SEO and free distribution, it’s one of the best deals in public relations.

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