Blog Service with Guaranteed Traffic

You probably already know just how powerful blogs can be for generating traffic (and customers).

The only problem is that writing a good blog takes time and energy–which you may not have after a busy day of running your business.

Luckily, we’ve written content for virtually every industry over the last 5 years, and we can give you the blog posts you need to bring more customers to your site.

Writers with College Degrees in English

Anyone can draft up a blog post, but our writers are college graduates who studied and love English. They know how to create compelling narratives and interesting posts, and you can use that knowledge to generate new audiences and paying customers.

Forget about poorly written posts by non-native speakers. (The internet has enough of those.)

With us, you get quality writing from true professionals, personalized just for you.

Get the Style of Writing You Love

Whether you want your business to seem sophisticated or lighthearted, analytical or creative, we can tailor your blog posts to the style that fits you.

You may not know how to captivate your audience with wordplay, but you do know what sounds good. Simply pick from a few samples of different style options, and we’ll give you blog posts written just for you and your company.

Best of all, you can choose just the right number of blog posts, without having to pick from a restrictive set of plans.

As Many Posts as You Want

While one post a week is enough for some, your growing business may need two or three posts a week.

Or, maybe you just want one quick post to talk about some recent developments at your company.

No matter how many blog posts you want, you can get just that, with no annual contracts. Just place your order for the month ahead, and we’ll be sure to deliver your posts on time.

Plus, whether you want just one post or ten, you’ll pay the same fair price.

A Flat, Fair Price

Our price is consistent: $20 per blog post–up to 600 words in length!

For writing from college graduates and writing professionals, this is truly a bargain, and you can get that low price even if you order just one post.

You shouldn’t be tied to arbitrary packages. Instead, just get as many posts as you need, and pay the same flat rate no matter what.

Guaranteed Traffic

Blog posts are useless if they don’t get people to visit your site.

That’s why we guarantee that people will visit your site specifically because of your blog posts. With SEO and good writing together, your business will generate the attention you need to thrive in the digital age.

So contact us today! Tell us about your business, and we’ll show you the kind of writing we can do for you. It’s that simple–and the price is always the same.

Simply fill out the contact form below to get started.