SEO Press Release Tips (Don’t Sabotage Yourself)

The internet is full of great SEO press release tips, but by far the single best tip is the one that most often gets ignored.

This isn’t just for press releases, but all types of online content.

If you forget this one crucial tip, your entire marketing strategy will be sabotaged, and you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

No matter what you do, don’t forget about the humans reading your content!

The whole point of SEO is to increase the likelihood that people (or, as many digital marketers so coldly refer to them, “traffic”) will read your content.

Not all SEO efforts are destructive for the readability of your content. Keyword stuffing aside, most SEO practices will make life easier for your readers.

In fact, one of the best SEO measures is to simply make the content interesting enough to be shared on multiple sites and social media platforms.

But no SEO tool is going to fix an essentially broken piece of content. Everything begins and ends with the value of your text; SEO only advertises that value.


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