Two Potatoes PR is the partnership between a copywriter and a newspaper editor.

We know exactly what makes a successful press release because we see hundreds of bad ones every single week.

The editor in our partnership throws out 99% of the press releases he gets. Because of that, he can create powerful strategies that put your press release at the top of every writer’s list.

The copywriter (that’s me, Ryan) gets to do the fun stuff. I handle our day-to-day business, follow up with the publications we work with, and speak with the press about your business.

Between the two of us, we have a contact list in the thousands, and we maintain personal relationships with the writers and editors of many different publications.

That means you get you a direct, personalized line of communication between your business and the media.

If you want to find out how we can push your business to the forefront, just send us a quick little message using the form below. We’ll send you a pressure-free, no-obligation email that gives you all the information you’ll need.


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