Let Us Edit Your Press Release

Get a media-ready press release for a fraction of the cost, and spread the word about your business now!

If you have an old press release of your own that didn’t work out as well as you’d hoped, or you just want to save a little money by doing some of the heavy lifting, our editing services may be just the thing.

Unlike our standard press release service, we don’t create the strategy, write the press release, or distribute it. You’ll be taking on a lot of the work, but you’ll save over $200 in the process.

Get More Customers with a
Crisply Edited Press Release

Writers and editors see hundreds of press releases every single week.

They simply don’t have time to read all of them, so they have to make snap decisions. If your headline isn’t easy to read, crisp, and powerful… you’ve already lost the battle.

And if the body of your press release is cluttered with unnecessary information, they’re going to put you at the bottom of their stack (or in the trash).

Don’t Get Blacklisted

When publications get a bad press release, they don’t just ignore it… they may put you in the spam folder and block you out forever.

Sending out an unedited press release might seem like a harmless attempt at more business, but it can permanently damage your company’s chances at getting the publicity you need.

Before you send out a press release, make sure it’s up to par!

Your Success is Guaranteed

When we edit your press release, we guarantee that it will perform better.

That means that more publications will take your press release and turn it into a story, even if you’ve tried hundreds of publications in the past.

No distribution service is going to be successful without a professional press release. But with Two Potatoes, your old press release can become a powerful engine for publicity and sales!

Our Marketing Strategies and Writing Abilities Are Proven

Here’s a look at some of the client testimonials we’ve received.

Great writer; always exceeds our expectations! Will hire again!

Benoit Tessier

This guy is incredible. I have hired many writers, and he is in a different universe.

Jason Kassel
Founder, End-to-End Designs

“Their consumer-targeted press release was the #1 search result on Google (next to Amazon) thanks to careful SEO.”

“Their release had a 3.101% conversion rate. It made a big difference in our affiliate commissions, so we consider our investment in his work a good one.”

Isiah Pohlert
Performance Marketing Expert
Indomex Consulting

A 3% conversion rate for a press release is significant: it means that cold traffic was becoming real money for Isiah’s business. (In fact, a 3% conversion rate is decent even for a sales page, let alone a press release!)

We can’t guarantee you that you’ll have the same luck, but we do guarantee that you’ll be more successful after our editing process.

Improve Your Success for Just $47

We can edit, refine, and improve your current press release for just $47.

That includes:

  • A more powerful, attention-grabbing headline that will give writers and editors an irresistible reason to cover your story.
  • Crystal-clear editing that makes your press release easy to read and puts it at the top of everyone’s stack.
  • A shorter press release. Long press releases get ignored by writers, so we’ll trim yours down and make it more likely to turn into publicity.
  • Reorganization: ensuring that the most important information is right at the top, making it easier for writers to put your story in their newspapers, magazines, or websites.
  • Plus… our guaranteed success rates. Tested against your old press release, your new version, edited by our team, is guaranteed to generate more stories.

It’s Time to Make Headlines

Whether you have a new product, you’re expanding operations, or you just want more customers, now is the time to make headlines.

Let us edit your press release, and you’ll experience a guaranteed increase in your success rate.

You’ll have a crisp, easy to read, and powerful press release that generates stories and customers.

To get started, just fill out the contact form below!

Not sure if you really need our service? Send us your current press release, and we’ll give you an honest evaluation. If we can’t improve your press release, we’ll tell you right away.

(After all, if we edit a press release that’s already media-ready, we’ll just have to refund you the money.)

It only takes a minute to send us that email, and it could drastically improve your business and your profits.