Turning Your Amazon KDP Free Campaign Into a Success (Follow Up!)

If you’re looking for information on a free campaign through KDP, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. A free book has the perception of having no value (otherwise it would cost money). Although this is a great promotional tool, keep in mind that a free giveaway does not automatically generate sales.
2. Once people have read your book for free, there are a ton of actions you may want them to take.
3. People do not take actions they don’t know about.

So, once someone gets to the end of your book, what’s next? Is there a second book in your series you can advertise? Keep in mind that although the book was free, there was a time investment in reading that book, so now, they have a real incentive to purchase the next book, especially if they enjoyed it.

I worked with a client once who included links to her website at the end of several chapters. These weren’t simply random links to her homepage, but links to pages that actually built on the knowledge she shared in the chapter.

When one chapter shared a recipe for low-calorie smoothies, she included a link to a page that calculated your calories based on your own selection of smoothie ingredients. It was an incredibly effective way to make sure that her readers turned into long-term customers.

One more thing you can do to turn your KDP free campaign into an effective marketing strategy is to simply ask the reader for their honest review at the end of your book.

Remember that we’re talking only to people who thought your book was good enough to finish, so it’s unlikely to create reviews from unhappy readers. Don’t beg, but simply let the reader know that this free book took a lot of time, energy, and money for you to complete, and their honest review would be a generous way of thanking you for your effort.

In essence, you’re giving them a chance to repay the favor.

Here are some ways you can use your free campaign to generate action:

  • Mention the next book in your series (or others that are similar).
  • If you only have one book, you can advertise someone else’s book for a fee.
  • Ask the reader to sign up to your mailing list or newsletter.
  • Request that the reader leave you a review.
  • In rare cases, it may be appropriate to ask for a donation. (If you’re not certain that your book falls into this category, don’t do it.)

Got questions? We’re happy to help you market your book and increase your sales any time! Just fill out the contact form below.


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