Blogging Is Marketing (Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is)

We offer two primary services: blogging and press release writing.

What’s important here is that these two services are the only type of marketing we do for our own business.

We don’t buy ads or SEO. All we do is write blog posts and share them to social media. When something big happens, we contact the media.

That should stand out to you, because while many businesses are investing thousands in a variety of different marketing strategies, we’ve built a business from blogging and PR alone.

You can, too.

Of course, that’s not to say that ads are useless. But for your business to get off the ground, you need to develop a personal connection with your customers. Blogs do just that, and they’re very cost effective!

With one or two blog posts a week, we’ve generated enough traffic and new clients to turn a simple little partnership into a full-time business.

If you’re ready to start putting college-educated, professional writers to work for you, check out our blog service today! We can give you powerful, traffic-generating blog posts that your readers will love.


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