How Long Do You Have to Blog to See Results?

A lot of people begin a small blog for their business thinking that it’ll be the source of passive income and easy money.

Although blogging can definitely bring you more cash for your business, it’s unlikely to turn a profit in the first few weeks. More importantly, you have to remember that a blog is not usually a source of income, but a source of new customers.

Skip the philosophy. How much do I have to blog to make money?

Assuming you’re using your blog as a way to generate traffic and create interest in your business’s service, it should really only take a week or two before you start to see the financial benefits of your blog.

For the sake of transparency, I’ll tell you that we wrote about three blog posts in two weeks and landed our first client–without paying for advertising.

After that, things kept snowballing.

If you’ve written a few blog posts yourself, but you haven’t seen these kinds of results (or you’re still stuck at your day job), just consider these pointers:

  • You need to share information that your potential customers want. It might feel wrong to give away valuable information for free, but you are getting something incredibly valuable in return: new customers.
  • SEO is a critical element of driving new traffic. Simply putting a post on your website isn’t enough. Make sure you include highly searched keywords, and add tags and links when possible.
  • Send people to your posts from social media. Although blogs generate their own traffic, they become exponentially more effective in search engines when there are multiple links and established readers for those posts. Creating your own audience proves to search engines that your content is valuable.

If all else fails, or you just don’t have the time to do all that by yourself, you can always get a pro blog post from college-educated writers who have built two separate businesses with a few simple blogs.

Best of luck out there!


The Magic Number: How Many Blog Posts Per Week?

A lot of people want to know how many blog posts they need per week.

Unfortunately, there’s no set number, but there are a few guidelines that can help make the decision easier.

Every time you share a new blog posts, you’re going to get a spike in visitors. That’s because new content gets preference on search engines.

But that doesn’t mean you need a new post every single day.

Here are the two questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. How many new customers or inquiries does one post usually create?
  2. How many customers can we actually service in one week?

For us, it takes just one or two posts a week to generate a full-time workload.

If you’re selling a digital information product, these questions won’t make sense for you, because you can handle a virtually infinite number of customers.

But if your business has restraints (time spent servicing customers, materials available for sale, etc), you should find the sweet spot where your blog posts are generating just enough customers to satisfy your workload.

Once you reach that point, you can begin lowering demand by increasing your prices (which is exactly what we did last month).

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Introducing Our Blog Service for Web Developers

When we started Two Potatoes, blogging was the primary source of new clients for us.

Nothing else paid off as much as blog posts–not even ads. Of course, it would be silly for us to write blogs for other PR agencies, so instead, we’re offering a blog service for web developers.

Maybe you’re wondering why a web developer like you would want to hire someone else to write your blog posts. (After all, you know the topic better than most people.)

Here are 3 reasons you should consider hiring a professional writer to handle your blog posts.

1. Unique skills.

You can tell us everything we need to know about your business, but we can’t tell you how to write.

Facts create the content of the post, but the way those facts are presented make up the true value of the blog post.

If people just wanted a bullet-list of facts, blog posts would be useless.

But people love reading narratives, and the ability to write interesting content comes from years of practice and study. (We went to college for English, and we’ve been writing professionally for years.)

2. It’s consistent.

Fresh content is the most powerful tool for SEO.

But let’s be realistic: writing a new blog post every week is difficult work. Coming up with an interesting topic, writing 500 words on it, and editing it to perfection can take up hours of your time.

Hiring someone else creates the assurance that the important work of creating fresh content will get done.

Simply post the content on your site and watch the traffic grow.

3. Your traffic is guaranteed.

Paying for blog posts doesn’t make sense if you don’t end up with more traffic.

That’s why we guarantee traffic as a direct result of our posts. Plus, with our background in marketing and PR, these posts will actually improve your sales, too, without being too “salesy.”

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